The proliferation of yoga in modern day society has taken on many forms. Now, more than ever, individuals seek personal growth. Yoga is a tool for the development of the personality with the aim to bring about greater awareness. Yoga is about creating balance and harmony in one's life and to this end classes at Yoga in life are suited to anyone who is looking for an integrated approach to their physical, mental, and spiritual development. The classes are balanced between physical postures (asana), breathing (pranayama) and relaxation/meditation practices. People of all ages, sizes, and physical abilities will gain tools for health, peace of mind, and a conscious, inspired way of living.
Comments from students

Since suffering a spinal injury in 2014 and waiting a year, it was operated on in 2015. Although it was better, I still very much suffered with pain daily. Since starting yoga with Sarita my life has changed. I'm no longer in pain everyday and I am slowly getting stronger. The classes are taught in a way so they can be adapted to suit your needs. I only wish I had started years ago. - Suzanne

For me your classes have been very powerful lately - I really notice the effects and have to take it gentle after class as my body continues to release intensely on different levels for some time after class. Thank you Sarita for your continuing and deepening devotion to this practice and your students! - Student

Thanks for a lovely class. I have been struggling, very anxious and it helped me a lot! Thanks for holding such a sacred healing space. - Student

The time I spend at class is quite precious really. It allows me to step away from the turmoil of life for a brief time and just be present, if you know what I mean. It has taken me a long time to find another place where I actually walk through the door and feel at home and at peace. - Martin

We had the pleasure of having Sarita come along to our Aphasia NZ monthly meeting to present to us. Sarita discussed the philosophy and benefits of yoga and also took us through some relaxation and breathing exercises. We were impressed with Sarita's calm, slowly paced delivery which was perfect for our groups needs. Sarita put the room at ease and was very inclusive in her delivery and interactions. Sarita had researched Aphasia prior to the meeting and this was evident in her presentation and responses to questions and discussion.

We look forward to working with Sarita again in the future and would highly recommend her to other groups, particularly those with special needs.
- Aphasia Society

"I just want to express my deep appreciation for your teaching which I am finding so very beneficial on all levels. I have turned the corner with the health issues I have been experiencing and I think this is largely due to calming the stress response. Yoga has been instrumental in this. So thank you so very much. And so good to hear that you are working directly with people with health issues and getting these benefits out there in the mainstream." - Renate

"In a busy life I find it difficult to maintain a solo yoga/meditation practice but I almost NEVER miss my weekly yoga and meditation classes. The spiritual dimension of Yogasarita's Yoga in Life classes have become a key tool for my personal growth and development. Regular attendance at classes (which are friendly and relaxed) has enriched just about every area of my life with benefits of stress reduction, mental and physical flexibility, inner peace, warmth, joy, spaciousness and balance. Yoga, meditation and specifically Yogasarita's classes have been the springboard for a depth of inner experience I could never have anticipated and I feel exceptionally lucky to have found a class and teacher that is such a perfect fit for me on my journey."
- Student

"I have been attending Yogasarita's yoga classes twice a week for a couple of years. Yogasarita's enjoyment of yoga is very apparent in her instructions throughout her class - Yogasarita incorporates insights relating to both the physical and spiritual benefits of the practice of yoga. I  leave Yogasarita's  class feeling both relaxed and energised." - Juliette

"I experience Yogasarita's yoga as a gentle yoga. To top the relaxation and the connection to myself, the mantras and the harmonium help me to arrive in the moment and to feel the moment as perfect as it is. Yogasarita creates a warm and nurturing environment and I get the chance to dance with the universe."- Natalie

"Yogasarita's attention to the needs of individuals is really appreciated and recognizes that we all have different needs, abilities and levels of yoga experiences." - Brenda
"I have met about 10 yoga teachers in Asia and New Zealand in my 25 years of learning/practising yoga, Yogasarita is the best yoga tutor."- Kit

My individual Yoga lessons I have made such a difference in my life. I can lie on my side in bed without hurting my back, walk up hills, and exercise without creating problems. Yogasarita tailored a series of exercises for me that took my injury into account, and has modified it week after week as I became stronger, adding, in time, things that I never thought I could do. I am stronger, fitter, and more pain-free than I have been for 25 years." - Ailsa

Comments from Trauma Sensitive Yoga students:

"Regular practice has helped me gain a deeper body awareness which assists with healthy sleep patterns and to regulate my diet. I am better able to obseve my emotions in an accepting way without judgement or reacting. I have become more aware of anxiety triggers and as a result the severity of anxiety and hyper-vigilance has lessened. Yoga is a safe space where I can be present with myself in act of self care that helps me cope with external stresses.

"I am grateful that yoga has helped me get more embodied so I feel connected and in my body. It has helped me find my inner rest and to 'be'. Thank you Sarita for how beautiful you instruct us and your gentle, supportive, caring nature."

"I feel more grounded and connected to my physical body. I am finding that positive relationships are developing all around me and my anxiety around meeting new people is decreasing. I still get triggered but am much more aware of what I can do for myself when this happens. I am practising self care."

"This beautiful class with Sarita, Trauma Sensitive Yoga came to me with the most perfect timing. I was in need of reconnecting with my body, not just from recent trauma but from a lifetime of continuously disconnecting from my body as a coping mechanism. It was a relatively quick process for me, through the yoga, of coming to the simple realisation that I am safe in my loving and trustworthy body. Sarita has a beautiful gift combined with professional experience of being able to read how people are feeling in their bodies, and with this gently guiding us through movement to feel that connection with our bodies that was once there, but became lost. I think it is the first time in my life I have truly said and meant, I love my body, I am safe."