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Hatha Yoga Cleanse- Lagoo Shankhaprakshalana and Neti
Friday 25 October 9-12pm.
Laingholm Hall
69 Victory Rd, Laingholm

I am very excited to offer 2 ancient Hatha Yoga cleansing practices and yoga nidra, hosted by Take the opportunity to learn and experience these rarely offered practices.

'Shankhaprakshalana' can have amazing physical and emotional health benefits, but it's not for the faint hearted. The word 'laghoo' means small, but this is a complete cleaning of the stomach and the intestines. The word 'shankha' means 'conch' and the word 'prakshalana' means 'to wash completely'. It's a process of cleansing the entire alimentary canal from mouth to anus. In this event the process is shorter and much more achievable, especially as a take home practice, compared to the full practice. You will learn a set of asanas and will drink warm, slightly salted water to facilitate the process.

The nasal cleanse, jala neti is a process of cleansing and purifying the nasal passages and sinuses with warm, slightly salted water, especially important as the pollen count rises and for those with congestion. It also increases the ability to concentrate and activates the intuition.

Both practices belong to the shatkarmas, a series of 6 cleansing techniques from the hatha yoga limb.

These practices are easy to learn and can result in a big shift physically and emotionally.

The last practice, yoga nidra, will help the process integrate through a guided relaxation that will take you through 8 stages, where your mind will withdraw from sensory stimulation, resulting in deep rest.

Whether you are an experienced yoga practitioner, teacher or complete novice this workshop will benefit you on many levels. Take the practices home to integrate into your life for an instant reset. Spaces are limited.
Cost -
$50 waged
$45 unwaged

Early bird $45 (12 October)
Super early bird $40 (30 September)

*non refundable

The game changer cleanse rate applies. Contact Anneliese at

Please register by email or mobile 0211726348